All I see in the future is COVID! CHOAS! COVID! CHOAS! but also finally a opportunity to reflect on the obsessive relationship we have for materialistic things. Do not get it twisted the day I can buy a pair of Louboutin with absolutely no regret will be the day I know I made it. Until then, the smart thing to do is BUY THE QUALITY, NOT THE BRAND. Now what does this have to do with the trends Coya ? your asking. Well I'm adding this because sustainable clothing will be the trend for 2020. so here are the foreseen trends for 2020 and how I style them.
1. Long Double Breast Blazer
Pumps elevate every outfit
Light washed jeans go good with lighter shades too
Tartan pattern Ray Ban animal print eyewear
2. Denim on Denim
Paired with cowboy boots and matching belt
Forever Denim
3. Matching Sets
My ray bans and oxford shoes go great for a  business look
Even if its not a matching set add a mutual color that brings it all together​​​​​​​
4. Face Mask
Social Distancing, Face Mask, Online shopping Preferred =New Normal?? 
5. Rebellious Statement Looks
Its some "strange times we're living in" Millenials, GenZ are living in a era of what seems to be nothing less then chaos this year expect to see graphic t-shirts with powerful statements especially in the minority communities were this civil rights movement impacts the most.

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