One day I noticed a fluid filled pimple on the palm of my hand. I'm a pimple picker by nature so naturally I picked it and went on about my day. The next day there were three little fluid filled blisters and of course again I picked it. A few days later I decided it was a rash and continued with my life. One day I just realized this isn't going away so I googled it and diagnosed myself with a dermatology infection a form of eczema called palmar dyshidrosis. I later brought the theory to my doctor and he agreed with my diagnosis and prescribed me a external steroid cream. Religiously I applied the cream, it worked for sometime (at least I wanted to believe it did) but the damn thing just kept coming back. 
It officially makes a year now sense I first noticed the little tiny pimple. My wife suggested I use a cream from Nigeria, most people I know from other countries feel our medications are diluted anyway and at this point the palm of my hand was horrible and at this point I'm desperate. With Nexoderm my hand seem to show some recovery but after 2 weeks it came back every time. I became very very insecure about my hand. My dominate hand and now to the touch and appearance its dry scaly and hard who would want to touch that thing. 
One day my supervisor who is mostly into organic and healthy things  going into and around the body told me about a cream she was using for her children's Exzema (at this point I'm still thinking its palmer D) and how it works for them. The conversation we were having was caught my colleagues attention and he told me that my hand looks like something hes dad has and its called psoriasis now what the heck is that. 
Anyway after a few more months my supervisor decided to cook me up a batch of he moisturizer but added a lot more of something and I promise you its finally working consistently as long as my hand stay well moisturized, I can see the improvements. I remember to apply Miras' cream every two hours. I also decided to try this over the counter external medication called MG217 Psoriasis maximum strength multi-symptom moisturizing cream purchased for $16.00 worth every penny. I found in Walgreens and I tell you with the two combined I haven't seen a blister form and stay longer than a couple hours. I you guys are interested in the cream email me with a simple "CREAM NOW" and Ill get the point.
Using MG217 and Mira's Cream 7 day span
Thank you!
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