So lets think about that favorite pair of jeans you had for what feels like a lifetime. That favorite blouse you would notice missing if it ever disappeared out your closet. Then there's that top/bottom,  you payed close to nothing for, it had (definitely implying past tense stay with me people)  just that perfect fit but unfortunately it didn't last long enough for you to truly get full use from it. Some advice?, The key is to spend more money on timeless, classic clothes whatever you choose to call it and less on trendy ones for those who sometime regret purchases I'm talking to you. Lets make those timeless items last longer by purchasing quality over convenience here are some of those timeless items every feminine identifier should have in their closets and brands I think are worth the price.  Ladies I do know how to shop the sale racks and some of the pieces I mentioned down below are affordable and age well if cared for correctly. Given that I am a early millennial (sort of) and a new mom. I'm currently transitioning from street wear to a business casual chic and also trying to adjust to my new size 4-6 (give me a break I was a size 00-0 my whole dang life) now that I am in my early 30's. I freaked out once I realized I have to work to get my abs back. So follow me on that journey in the workout tab.

Drape like sleeve such as this tulip bow tie blouse. Sometimes you get lucky at Ross Dress for les

I would highly recommend Express Portofino Button down shirts. If I remember correctly They come in two fits slim and original. I had these Military shirts for many years now and the finish in this polyester and the overall quality and lifetime is actually impressive considering the price. utilize those coupons and sale dates.
A  pair of studded earrings and necklace. Utility shirt, pencil skirt and pumps. If your in my boat your trying to  get your waist back into a snatch position on that journey utilize body shape wear. Shape wear review coming soon. 
-When you want to elevate your outfit try a blazer or a studded jewel piece it can give your overall appearance a more expensive and feminine look. You can pair it with pumps booties sneakers etc, don't be afraid of bold colors. utilize your many options of accessories . 
-When trying to tone down a outfit try incorporating Denim, sneakers, graphic t shirt, long necklace or a less formal outerwear.
- A smile is a free way to show confidence and when a female present that sort of dominance and self assured she develops a sort of radiance that heightens the look by 1000x feeling good about yourself is very important when it comes to making a outfit look good.
A small piece of jewelry such as a studded earrings and necklace can make a simple outfit look high end. you can also use a chunky statement necklace to help make a outfit "pop".

Animal print boots

Stiletto pumps  3.7'' to 8'' any color any print I would buy them all. This is a pump you could never go wrong with. If you work in a office setting these heels could be your go to. I've tried many brands of this style shoe and thus far I like the Nine West the most. They have passed the test of time. My Nine West 6''Black pumps are the oldest heels I currently own and I still choose NW over my Michael Kors 4'' for my (what may seem to) be longer days of work. 

Pointed toe heel pumps Aldo / Nine West

Studded Necklace

I had my Guess watch for a lengthy time, longer then I expected. I do not have a great track record with keeping up with valuable jewelry To get to the point, its in my best interest for me to not invest in materials that are delicate or easy for me to lose, but that's just me. I must say though on another note i cant think of anyone who regretted purchasing this style of wristwatch from Guess.
Not a Rolex but I recommend Guess watches they are long lasting and aesthetically appealing

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